NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform


1. If you don’t know how to become a successful artist. Ask Google

There used to be a time when the answer to every stupid question was RFP.

Now the answer to every stupid question is AFG

And this does not mean Ask Fucikg Grigor, but Ask Fucking Google

But since you are already here:


2.The looks is everything.

Narrow you dressing style down to one particular imago.

It might be helpful to get a baret.

An important part of the imago is what you are eating and drinking.

First you need to be educated enough to avoid embarrassing situations.

Secondly, your liver won’t last for too long.


3. Get the newest Mac book!


4. Your homepage is more important then you are!


5.When offered a possibility to exhibit aboard, always take it.

Go to residencies.

And even more important, make sure everybody knows about it. 


6. Choose where and first of all with whom you socialise.

Because you poor friends won’t buy you works!

    People to socialize with:

  • Other artists who sell well.
  • Businessmen. For that make research how they perceive art and artists, and learn some business lingua.

When talking to somebody you have been just introduced to, always talk from a position which indicates that they should know you.

When leaving a public event, always take a taxi!


7. Never say I don’t know!

It might be helpful to have a particular person or phenomena you are always very critical about.


8. Myth building.

A myth spreads much better than knowledge.

Tell stories about yourself as well as in general. Reach to literature for “inspiration”.

It’s always good to have a epic story of a trip you just had.

To back it all up, choose a specific field in which to become fluent. Like for example beat literature. Learn some outrageous quotes.


9.Till your break through work as a designer.   


10. Last but not least – and this should be self evident to everybody on the art field – you need to move to Berlin! At least for a while.


*Summary by Indrek Grigor at Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award ceremony. Based on a list of the same name by Madis Katz