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Chintis Lundgren´s "Life with Herman H. Rott“ won Audience Award for Best Short Film at 2015 TAIS animation showcase in Canada. TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society).

The following other films emerged as the Jury and Audience favourites of the night:

COSMOETICO (Martina Scarpelli, Italy) – Jury Award for Best Short Film
Michael Enzbrunner (Toronto, CAN)  – Jury Award for Best Anijam
Paul Scott (Toronto, CAN) – Audience Award for Best Anijam

chintis wp

Herman H. Rott is a punk rat who lives alone in his messy apartment. One day, a small bourgeois cat sees drunk Herman returning from a bar, finds him charming and decides to move in.

Created by Chintis Lundgren
11:00 min

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Source: TAIS