NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

YASMIN a. k. a. Pretty Princess, 2023

70 x 70 cm

Pastel on paper

Doll as a holy icon. With whom we share similar periods of childhood and collective memory, told stories about dolls, reminiscences associated with them – longing if they no longer have them or contrary – pride if they preserved them until now. Motive for depicting them is a strong desire to have them again. As if I had to have them in such a way that no one could take them away from me, my “friend” would not “accidentally” take it away in the yard, or I would not accidentally leave them in kindergarten, never daring to admit that it was mine. As if in this way, it will take on another form, which will act as a childhood self-therapy. The doll is like an icon, like your holy picture, with piercing eyes fixed on you, following, hung in the corner of the room, blocking the intersections of the edges. Like self-irony and a real, genuine, hidden and forgotten sore. Or perhaps it is brought to the surface and completed childhood desire to own.

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