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Dominyka Gurskaitė Emerging artist

Dominyka Gurskaitė

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

There was a time when the world looked different, acted according to different rules or maybe there were no rules at all. As if the smell was different, the look at the world was so hungry and immediately receptive. When has it ended, imperceptibly faded away, why it was so unnameable, childlike idealized, yet at the same time simple, why deja – vu happened every day, haunted by such vivid childhood nightmares and why it was so intriguingly scary to be afraid, why the sound of chirping birds reminds everyone of childhood as if they do not chirp now, why the days were so long, why my fingers are still sticky and my tongue still does not wash off from these candies I ate as a child. Unanswerable or – chosed to be unanswered questions that I approach in my creation processes: animation, illustration, collage, photography, objects. Reminiscences about the past, search of collective memory details and desire to capture what I remember but no longer have – as in this way: make it for myself. As if nothing seemed to change, but suddenly everything was different.


CLOE a. k. a. Angel by Dominyka Gurskaitė
CLOE a. k. a. Angel  
70 x 70 cm
YASMIN a. k. a. Pretty Princess by Dominyka Gurskaitė
YASMIN a. k. a. Pretty Princess  
70 x 70 cm
Table by Dominyka Gurskaitė
100 x 70 cm

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