NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Miina Vilo Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Miina’s comprehensive artistic variety reflects her talent to depict and to narrate moments and moods, encouraging the observer to embark on a journey of dreams and reflections through symbols. Her style embraces elements of pop-art as well as a broad array of different techniques and patterns, making her a versatile, emotional and very talented young artist. Her personality seems interwoven with every artwork and she masters different techniques very well, whether she opts for naive, concrete or surrealistic works.” -D’Albret collection, 2023


Cerulean Melancholy by Miina Vilo
Cerulean Melancholy  
100 x 80 cm
The Northern Frog by Miina Vilo
The Northern Frog  
60 x 80 cm
Snake words by Miina Vilo
Snake words  
80 x 60 cm
Kratt by Miina Vilo
80 x 60 cm
Always the Joker by Miina Vilo
Always the Joker  
37 x 60 cm
To be a Woman is to Perform by Miina Vilo
To be a Woman is to Perform  
90 x 90 cm

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