NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform
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The Origins of a Letter, 2016

1 x 1 cm

Digital print

Dimensions variable

This work analyses the origins of letters before the rise of Latin alphabet, the cultural impact and the collective subconscious “code” letters have in the human civilisation. This is the evolution of letters, their formal and conceptual significance.

Other works from the installation:


Linas Spurga. From A to Z. 2017. Digital print

A book consisting the information about each individual letter, its history and evolution, cultural and historical symbols.


Linas Spurga. The Face of a Letter. 2017. Etching

A combination of all the different shapes the letter took before becoming one of the Latin letters. And all the shapes together in layers create a sort of historical face of a particular letter.

22 etching prints, each signifying the historical face of a particular letter.