NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

(Non)living Forest Floor, 2019


Pine bark

Where is a boundary between live and lifeless? Natural and artificial? „Nonliving nature“ becomes a metaphor which represents forest cyclicality and damaged, ruined nature as a consequence of human activity. Forest floor is an essential part of the ecosystem, is responsible for renewal and vitality. Camouflage pattern emphasizes a tension between the human and the forest, signify selfish, possessive intentions, on account of the forest. The meaning of the forest, nowadays, does not make sense anymore. We no longer perceive forest as autonomous organism. In our vision it is man-made plantation, introducing a new notion – forest as „nonliving nature“. The only solution from this situation is to learn how to get along with nature. Forest system is based on sociality and is a leading representative of cooperation and well-being.

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(Non)living Forest Floor  
(Non)living Forest Floor