NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Gold-spinners, 2022

1 x 1 cm

Clip Studio Paint EX, Huion KAMVAS GT-191 V1, The fairytale “The Gold-spinners” by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald is one of the few purely Estonian fairytales that doesn’t have a well-known equivalent in other cultures. It is also a fairytale that has been close to my heart since I was a small child. With this project, I hope to introduce a cherished story through the contemporary medium of a webcomic. While retelling this story, I hoped to emphasize the emotional side of the original tale and highlighted the characters’ personalities, feelings, and the complexity of their relationships. The chapters that were completed in the course of the thesis period are merely the beginning of a larger project. Future plans include a full English translation, the conclusive end to the main tale, and side-stories featuring other Estonian fairytales. The three chapters that are presently complete were presented at the graduates’ exhibition “LEND 2022” at Gallery Pallas.