NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

sui stans (self-standing), 2022

340 x 180 cm

installation wall carving, which is a copy of one of the corridor arches of the building. thinking about the historical meaning, function, and diversity of the arch form, as well as about the hallway of the building, which has been walked through 100 times, as a portal through which you can no longer pass through, ending your studio and activity in the building.


“contemplation on the mundane” is about the present always being in “now” time, where previiously experienced thing is already becoming the past, layering all over like paint on the wall. in the creation of the work, elements were taken from the building where the artwork was created and exhibited – the old Faculty of Biology of the University of Latvia. All materials are specially selected based on the history of the building, or from what I have experienced in the building. The beginnings of the work can be traced back to my first solo show “no words, aka exhibition at DOM gallery”, where I specially created work that reflects the existence of space and place. Taking elements and materials from the space where the work was exhibited. “contemplation on the mundane” consists of 4 works, the names of which are formed in Latin, thinking about the history of the use of the language and the building.

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