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Veronika Frolova

Veronika Frolova (born 1988) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2016 with a Master´s Degree in Printmaking/Graphics. During her studies she acquired many academic skills, such as painting, drawing and composition. But the one she treasures the most is certain, sarcastic way of thinking and reflecting on surrounding reality, that allows her to deliver semi-conceptualistic works that require usage of unconventional techniques.

Frolova participates in group shows since 2010, both locally and internationally. Largest of which was “Grafika-s” in Riga Art Space. In 2011 she also had a solo show in Riga. Also a children`s book author and illustrator. Her book will soon be published in Germany, by “Mixtvision“ publishing house (Munich), by the title “Bleib wie du bist, T-Rex“.


Three star republic: Value for money  
Three star republic: Climate  
Three star republic: Nature  
Three star republic: Culture  
Three star republic: Architecture  


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