NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Reflections, 2018

235 x 145 cm

Oil on canvas The artist´s comment on the artwork: “Is all information mere tracks, reaching for its source? Our reality is built up from bits and pieces of concepts, which we use to divide and understand the perceived. The conscious world presents itself as a projection of what is, which we observe through a filter of humanity. Information is like the silhouette of material, its outlines is drawn on the retina of consciousness. A narrative is born which paints the world our own. Narrative, which is tied to the past tense, as if an echo of the existing. Are we learned scholars or brainwashed of our own history, culture and rational discourse? The purpose of the paintings is not to answer questions more than it is to present them, but to rejoice in the absurdity of it. The end result is a solipsistic cluster.”

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