NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Proposal for A Future, 2018

75 x 75 cm

4 x 16mm projectors, filmloops, slide projector, slides, mirror, crystal ball, prism
NB! The artwork does not have fixed measurements 

The artist´s comment on the artwork:

“‘Proposal for A Future’ is a 16mm film project, which reflects upon what our world will be like in the post anthropocene era. By connecting the dots between thousands of scientific studies in recent decades, we come to the inescapable conclusion that: Humanity is at present destroying the biosphere of our home planet, ourselves and our future with it. This is arguably the most consequential discovery in the history of science.
The ecological footprint of humanity is enormous and beyond Earth’s carrying capacity.
Considering the various natural and cultural forces at hand, and if the current environmental trends continue, the planet will be virtually unlivable for humans and many other species. It is inevitable though that the current Anthropocene era will finds its balance again and evolve into a new ecologically sustainable era . The question is; what will be left of the biosphere and what species will have survived?

‘Proposal for a Future’ is an experimental science fiction film project showing an imaginative narrative, in which the viewer finds himself in a constructed space between realities. Naturally shaped landscapes that exist now are explored in order to create a new model for a future. The nature is examined as an almost other worldly landscape focusing on details found in rocks, plants and organisms. In my research I made use of the discussions and ideas around the current state of affairs concerning the effects of human behaviour on the environment. A possible scenario for the times to come is the main character of this audiovisual exploration.

The footage for the project, shot in various places around the globe, on black and white 16mm film are hand processed by me. The images then were further deconstructed and manipulated in the dark room, by printing and re-printing the material on colour print stock using various colour filters. For this process, I made use of a Steenbeck 16mm editing table, which was transformed into a contact printer. With this printer, it is possible to print and re-print over and over in both black and white and colour, using a variety of neutral density and colour filters. In this process, I had the possibility to interfere and change light, colour, shape and rhythm.

The project was presented both as an installation at Project Room, Helsinki, 5.5-3.6.2018 and as a live cinema performance at AAVE Festival, Helsinki, 15.4.2018.”

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