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Andrus Peegel

Andrus Peegel

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Andrus Peegel (1955-2020) is both a printmaker and illustrator, as well as newspaper and book artist. He has worked in several newspapers as a caricaturist – such as Sirp ja Vasar and Pikker, and over the last years Postimees, where his portraits of important of notorious figures greet the readers every week. Peegel participates in exhibitions since 1978.


You know me anyway by Andrus Peegel
You know me anyway  
60 x 90 cm
Please, click me OK!  by Andrus Peegel
Please, click me OK!  
60 x 90 cm
Matrix 2 by Andrus Peegel
Matrix 2  
60 x 90 cm
Matrix 3 by Andrus Peegel
Matrix 3  
6 x 9 cm

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