NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Terje Ojaver

Terje Ojaver  (born 1955 in Tallinn) is a sculptor, who graduated from the Estonian State Art Insistute in 1985 and has been working as a freelance artist thereafter. During her creative activty she has done figural exhibitions and custom works, performed both at home and abroad; participated in symposia; created monuments for public space, for example J. Laidoner sculpture with a horse. In last ten years she has been using herself for portraying. Heads, hands, legs of the sculptures are silicone cast taken from herself, that she puts on her works with different body language and emotion. Themes of her works often deal with being a woman, responsibility, loneliness and mortality. She has also done land-art works, for example in rosary of Tallinn Botanical Garden, Belgium, France etc. Her video installations “Hoia mind” (Hold me) and “Sisyphose pruut” (Bride of Sisyphose) have gain attention. Ojaver is a member of the Estonian Sculptors´ Union.


Self-portrait as a tortoise  
Jumping Over the Shadows  
One-Footed Plower  
A Woman with Gold Embroidery