NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Please do not come again, 2018

300 x 300 cm

NB! Artwork doesn’t have fixed measurements (consists of elements with different sizes)

Why are You here?
Heating that ice-cold blood,
Which is long lost within me.

Are you trembling inside me?
Pleasuring the wilted shingle of bones,
Who’s been preserved here for too long.

When are you finalising The Soul?
Discharge the library of that trash,
Better just let it stay empty.

Artist’s comment on the artwork: “The spatial installation “Please do not come again” reminds a situation from my childhood when people close to me paid a visit to the hospital. To me, it was a obligation that they did not have to take. I did not want them to see me weak. I felt guilty for putting them in an uncomfortable position. I just wished to be alone.”

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