NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Under The Popcorn Volcano, 2018

300 x 300 cm
This work has been sold

NB! Artwork doesn’t have fixed measurements (consists of elements with different sizes)

Drawing inspiration from S. Sontag’s “The Volcano Lover: A Romance”, the viewing and reading eatery “Under The Popcorn Volcano” makes for an odd mix of sauna and waiting room aesthetics, the lazy afternoons in the town library and home décor with some kitchenware posing as active storytellers and hunting memorabilia. Forming a closed-off system, the fragility of its foundations and the bubble-like view of the world are both obvious in the work’s absurdity and covert in the underlying violence to keep the imagination of a secret haven afloat. The viewer is invited to take part of the ruse.