NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Non-Humans in Non-Places, 2018

150 x 200 cm

Oil on canvas

“Non- Humans in Non- Places” is an installation consisting of 12 paintings and a video that depict a still growing underwood. The inspiration behind it is a panoramic painting “The Battle of Borodino” (1912) by Franz Roubaud which was made in honour of the Russian army who defeated the French troops. In the exhibition room the paintings are hanging in front of each other and the artist keeps placing them in different orders to make a rotation and a panoramic view. In the video the paintings are placed in an underwood where they form a panorama in a more direct manner. The missing places in the video are filled by nature itself and in the exhibition room by the artist with the performative act. The main matter for the series is the aesthetics of an anonymous shared locations and the connections between the species living there.


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