NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Nimeämätön (left without a title), 2023

226 x 160 cm

sun-faded sewn fabrics

The painting consists of fabrics which I left in the sun for different time periods. The work is an cooperation with the sun. The sun makes everything visible, but at the same time slowly degrades anything it touches. What the sun did was an erasure, a killing of pigment, painting drapery which in history of painting is an important means to give motion to a composition. The painting can be seen as a photograph, since it is an exposure but also a collage, because the fabrics are sewn together. I tried to find a composition where the interplay between continuity and halting of gestures is maximazed. Due to weak lightfastness of pigments it is left in this neverending state of degrading. In this sense it can be interpreted as institutional critique and a mock towards human sense of time. The painting was exhibited in Kuva/Tila as part of the Bachelors degree show.

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Nimeämätön (left without a title)  
27 x 39 cm