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Neredzamie/InVisible, 2017

155 x 64 cm

Oakwood, glass, wax, silk, metal, concrete

“Neredzamie” is a conceptual stand-work of three objects – transparent oakwood hives, where visual-plastic forms of the art interact with the bees. The idea of the work is based on observations and researches about the structure of the bee and human societies. The author concludes that these societies share a lot of common. The work accentuates one common thing – the anonymity of the society serving for the common benefit.

The purpose of this final work is to connect seemingly inconsistent visual plastic art and beekeeping, to create happening of the bees which would illustrate “NonVisibility”. In some way the work “NeRedzamie” is sacred reflection of time, heppenings and act of human activity layering where the candidate has created a chance for unique communication with the bees. Since the candidate is representing the visual-plastic branch of art, the principal task has been set to create symbolic means of expression in visual material. The idea based on the analysis of the topic is to create transparent oak-wood hives, which are filled with various human portraits made out of wax. The hives in the work serve as a symbol of the factory; bee frame as system; silk – dreams and ideas; while the bees are humans. The process of creating the work has encouraged the creativity of author’s technique. Research has been done on reaction and interaction of the bees regarding various materials which would enable to create purposeful visual plastic works. The further portion of text touches upon the opinions regarding the anonymity of the society. 

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