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Velga Vitola Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Velga Vitola (b. 1982) has obtained her college degree from Liepaja College or Art and Design Section of Ceramics. Most recently she got a Master’s degree in Textiles from the Art Academy of Latvia.
During her time as a student Velga participated in various art exhibitions together with her fellow students. 
Velga has a deep interest in interdisciplinary projects, where she feels she can realise her creativity. She has collaborated many times with the art centre KIM. 

Velga’s continuous interest in the world and current events have inspired her to explore new ideas and search for new solutions. One technique she has explored is bringing together varied materials within the same piece. Some examples of this include creating works from ink and wax, filler and cotton cheesecloth, or dance music and waste materials from the seaside.

Velga is currently collaborating with specialists in bee keeping to explore the bee world. In her latest art creation “InVisible” bees have helped Velga to illustrate the phenomenon of anonymity of society in a poetic way.

She is actively working together with a likeminded community of artists and organisations. Publically Velga is known as a creator of environmental installations; she often mentors projects of cultural education. Velga is a supporter of the seaside fund “Mana Jura” (“My Sea”) and in 2016 created several seaside themed installations with them.

Together with fellow artist, sculptor Gaitis Burvis, she has created the Creative Artist Association “Vitola Burvis”. The focus of the association is to offer a platform for young artists to create art from dead natural resources such as trees. Through this concept they look to educate and inspire people as well as promote art in regions of Latvia. The first project will be completed in August 2017 in the territory of Cirava Castle (Latvia).

Velga has begun a partnership with the foundation “Viegli” (“Easy”) which was opened by fellow enthusiasts of the writer, grand master of Latvian literature, and social activist, Imants Ziedonis. Since the start of 2017 Velga has worked as the custodian of stocks and the co-creator of exhibits for writer’s museum.


Neredzamie/InVisible by Velga Vitola
155 x 64 cm

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