NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Mask effect / Mask phenomenom, 2023

230 x 300 cm

Mixed, Assemblage In my creative project, I present masks created from owned or collected materials as objects, with an emphasis on the element of maskedness, i.e. the desire, using the imagination, to create a personal story or narrative for the perceiver himself. It is in the objects that there is a “hidden” mask, and not vice versa, which makes my works authentic and original. In other words, individual objects or collections in general, move away from the works of artists who have inspired me, such as the works of Stasys Eidrigevičius, Antanas Mončys, Don Proch (Canada), Max Siedentoph, or the archaic symbol of the winter holiday Shrovetide, where the mask makes sense of the image of covering the face, hiding the face. Also an important idea is that the subject gives the object a symbolic value, and not vice versa. I.e. “objects remain objects”, but a person transforms them into something else, giving additional meaning and / or meaning. Objects are presented in the form of an installation (when constructing a wall),which also performs the function of a mask. On one side of the wall, visible from the outside, photographs of “objects on man” are exhibited, and on the other, into which the viewer enters through a narrow entrance, are the objects themselves. The wall makes sense of the “hiding under the mask” function or the narrative of “masks hiding the mask”. It is the motive of “entering” the installation that is a means that allows the viewer to distance himself from outside opinions, bustle and be with himself, with his imagination, so that the maskedness is personal” and evokes different associations, thoughts, images, irritates the imagination.