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Irmantas Kiela Emerging artist

Irmantas Kiela

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

Most of my works created during my years of study are presented in a portfolio. I caught the topic of Lithuanian folk holidays while still studying for my bachelor’s studies, later, already in my master’s program, I continued this topic, developed and deepened it. This led me all the way to my master’s thesis. The main exhibitions I have participated in during my years of study are jewelry art fair SERAAD in Amsterdam 2022 with a jewelry collection called “Shadows of the Past”, 30th International Jewellery Competition TOUCH The Gallery of Art in Legnica Holownia exhibition, exhibition “Transformation of Touch” in 2022, Gliukų Theater “12th Zone.Ghosts”; installation exposition of the collection of art objects “Maskedness” in 2022.


Mask effect / Mask phenomenom by Irmantas Kiela
Mask effect / Mask phenomenom  
230 x 300 cm

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