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Kristel Zimmer Emerging artist

Kristel Zimmer

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Kristel Zimmer is active mainly in performance and video, also theatre, sound, photography and experimental film. In her work she combines materia, rhythm and symbols in order to practise, learn and use the language of artistic elements. The latest solo video-performance exhibition “X”, research in parallel with Deleuze´s term “becoming”, was held in Tallinn Art Hall Gallery. Her creation is intertwined with the ongoing studies in Estonian Academy Of Arts Scenography department with artist and professor Ene-Liis Semper. The 5-student course is also part of The Lab of Figurative Thought, where they investigate the language of art through collective action and analysis. In Prague Quadriennal 2023 the group´s performance “You Only Have a Moment” was awarded with Best Performance Award in students´ category.


Domestic Venus by Kristel Zimmer
Domestic Venus  
100 x 100 cm


X by Kristel Zimmer
200 x 400 cm
Run by Kristel Zimmer
1080 x 1920 cm
Feetarehandsarefeet by Kristel Zimmer
1080 x 1920 cm

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