NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Loose ends, 2019

130 x 220 cm

Relief print, screen print, paper, wood

ANNOTATION: „A critique of post-modernism which reflects an age defined by ambiguity and anti-categorical thought. The artwork displays a seemingly rational system whose function demonstrates the uncertain meaning of puzzling fragments.” The human has a tendency to perceive connections and hidden meanings between things, even if there are none. „Loose ends” examines the relationship between form and substance. The work explores the vague nature of meaning in a formal structure. Regulated by strict protocol and bureaucracy, the outwardly reliable system hides, deforms or destroys its content, or lack thereof. We live in an age within which the notion of concrete definitions and clear lines between right and wrong is disappearing. Therefore, the concept of truth and meaning is fully subjective and can be applied indiscriminately. The work was exhibited in the Art Academy of Latvia graduate show „Fresh Meat For Critique”.

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