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Silvi Liiva

Silvi Liiva (born 1941 in Värska) belongs to the so-called female printmakers´generation, having started her journey as an artist in 1960s, at the same time wth the legendary Marju Mutsu. Liiva´s body of work is grounded in aesthetism and subjectivism bordering with  escapism. Classical etching remains the principal technique in her black-and-white works. With time, the initial sensitivity of Liiva´s artworks has been complemented by a level of dramatism and expressiveness.*

Liiva is a member of the Estonian Artists Association since 1972 and member of the Association of Estonian Printmakers since 1991.  

Prizes: Eduard Wiiralt art award (2007), Kristjan Raud art award (2003), Annual graphic art award of the Estonian Artists’ Association (1973, 1979, 1982, 1985), etc.

*Source: Art Museum of Estonia