NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

"I will NOT" & "(Un)silent entities", 2019

By Bon Alog
100 x 100 cm

video installation, object: soil, seeds

“I will NOT” (Multi-channel video installation, 2’29, loop) The Hippocratic oath is ​​known as a golden ideal standard of ethics for professionals working in the field of medical science. The Hippocratic oath and its modern version is relevant as a division between the power of killing and medical treatment. An extract of oath is chosen emphasize a moral pledge, which starts with negative form promise – I will not. Repetitive militaristic movements and hunting simulation is used as an imperative of security forces, defense, discipline and power relations in biotechnology context. “(Un)silent entities” (Object: soil, seeds) Plants Genes Bank preserves around 3500 seeds samples. Science institutions, universities provides genetic material – seeds, which germinating power standard has to be no less than 85%. Every fifth year Plants Genes Bank operates verification, germs testing, examination of germinating vitality level. The seeds samples which doesn’t fits the standard are written off and defined as unconditioned. Planted unconditioned grasses: 1996* – PHLEUM PRATENSE – Timothy-grass 1996 – AGIC HORDEUM VULGARE – Barley 1998 – TRICITUM AESTIVUM – Common wheat 2009 – KOELERIA GRACILIS – Koeleria macrantha 2017 – POA PROTENSIS – Kentucky bluegrass  * Number indicates date of seeds conservation in Lithuanian Plants Genes Bank.