NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Ginger rise and other things hanging from the ceiling, 2023

300 x 600 cm

cardboard tubes, silk, cotton, silk clay, play dough, string, ribbon, tape, paper, water colour, beeswax, oil paint, thread, cable ties, belts, cargo cloth, drying rack, microphone stands, pipe and drapes.

Ginger rice and other things hanging from the ceiling-is an site specific installation that I designed and built to the dimensions of the school’s Kaiku gallery. I collected objects and materials, mostly trash, which piqued my interest on the way to my studio. I wanted to make visible the cardboard tube hidden inside the canvas. I treated the pipes with different materials and arranged them in different orders in the space. The silk paintings became a counterweight to the sculptural elements. The work deals with the home, expanded painting and distortion of high culture.