NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Chun Au Yeung Emerging artist

Chun Au Yeung (1991) is an artist from Hong Kong, currently based in Tallinn. He received his MA in Contemporary Art from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2022. In the same year, he received the Young Sculptor Award prize with one month residency in Maajaam awarded by the Estonian Academy of Arts; an Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award awarded by International Sculpture Center; the Young Artist Award of TASE Graduation Show awarded by the Estonian Academy of Arts. Chun’s practice mainly works with sculpture, installation, object and video, which are based on his observations on everyday life and intimate relation with the realities of nature, often speaking of memories, intimate situations and insecurity. His sensitively chosen figures evoke a sense of emotional longing and the feeling of time passing with no recourse.


You are no longer the same  
Until time doesn't allow me to be who I am  
Our Memories just won't die, it's the trip that keeps us alive