NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform


100 x 135 cm

3D scan, animation, Oculus Quest

Medical Chair Filled with anxiety, millennials are now wandering around in utter confusion, uncertain in how they could find peace in this information noise environment. Turn off the phones or destroy the Internet antennas? Pray to whom? Live how? Be my friend – I’ll pay! The piece “FEELS SO REAL! Binaural ASMR while WHISPERING” was inspired by recent popularity in a variety of forms of self-development and courses or therapies for inner growth and performance improvement as well as skepticism or fear that is surrounding virtual technologies. It uses the genre of so-called millennial phenomenon – ASMR (Autonomy sensory meridian response) that became viral mostly on platforms such as Youtube or Reddit since 2010. A whispering non-human figure taking care of the viewer and guaranteeing a failure-free interaction is creating a paradox while simultaneously raising a question if a connection with the disconnection itself is what an anxious millennial seeks for? How something so uncanny can be so captivating? Why are we scared of new technologies if we create and develop them to help us improve, not to destroy us? And finally it all leads to a question whether the term virtual/ virtuality still has a meaning? The work was presented in Futura CCA, Prague („The Cave & The Garden“ curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas) and gallery „Atletika“, Vilnius („FAMM.BA: we have discovered a secret“)

Video documentation of the VR