NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Concentric ring, 2020

60 x 60 cm

Neon thread, luminescent thread, organic glass cylinders, mirror, mate sticky sheet, polyvynil sheets, clear plastic, fused glass plate, uv lamp.

The topic of ecological and self-analytical problems will always be relevant, simply because we will never be able to separate ourselves from nature, so understanding the place of human as a being in the world is extremely important and it cannot always be conveyed in words. Therefore, art is one of the most appropriate ways to subconsciously arouse understanding. A part of this work in now participating in 2020 IX Lithuanian Biennial of Textile Art “Riba # 30”. Gallery “Arka” Vilnius. Apart of this work has also participates in2020 Exhibition Laikrodininkas / Watchmaker. “Pamario” gallery of Lithuanian National Museum of Art. Juodkrantė.