NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Composition with grey II, 2018


Series “Remember Me 1-8” Oil, acrylic, watercolor, marker, pen, collage

Measurements: 1. “Nice day” 50x70cm, 2. “The soul of all natural things” 50x70cm, 3. “Remember me IV” 50x50cm, 4. “Remember me III” 50x70cm, 5. “Composition with grey III” 19x24cm, 6. “Remember me V” 49.5x50cm, 7. “Dream of horse” 70x80cm, 8. “Composition with grey II” 42x45cm

I hear bright lights singing,

your name, drawing you away

destined for greatness and

you would’ve died trying

this is the part where

we says our goodbyes

just promise you

won’t forget

to remember me

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