NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Future fossils, 2018

999 x 999 cm

NB! The artwork consists of different elements in different size.
Paper, concrete, aerated concrete bricks

This work concentrates on the following questions: What will be left after humans? Which human-made artefacts, trace fossils, will stay in statigraphic layers as a record of human? Human-made significant changes in ecosystems and environment, which will possibly remain as a record in Earth’s stratigraphic layers in a form of trace fossils. This work also draws parallels between lithography, photography and fossils by presenting interconnecting points inherent to those disciplines. Such as words – print, copy, original. Fossils as nature’s deep time impressions.

Broken lithographic stones are somewhere between technology and geology. Shaped by humans lithographic stones in time become no longer appropriate and return to nature.