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Katrīna Čemme Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Katrīna Čemme (b.1989) studied at the Art Academy of Latvia in department of Printmaking, and at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She is currently finishing her Masters degree in the Visual Communications department at the Art Academy of Latvia. She makes prints and sculptural objects, using materials with unique characteristics. She began exhibiting work in 2012 – Strange Neighbors Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, XCII, RIXC (2014), Systems, the National Library of Latvia (2015), Conditions of Contemplation, Riga Art Space (2016), What Is Lost Is Lost Forever, kim? (2017), also her works is regularly included in the publication Popper Magazine.


Topspin by Katrīna Čemme
150 x 458 cm
Gamma by Katrīna Čemme
90 x 40 cm
------ by Katrīna Čemme
120 x 180 cm
ly by Katrīna Čemme
18 x 200 cm
Lost by Katrīna Čemme
200 x 160 cm
Form 1 by Katrīna Čemme
Form 1  
27 x 17 cm

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