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Valentina Arlauskaite Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

I am a painter of the young generation, just received a master’s degree in painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. During my bachelor’s study years, I studied visualization of death, the visuality of the mortal body and the dual state it evokes – curiosity and disturbance. I explained what discourages and what encourages interest in such an image. Now I am examining absent-mindedness. When trying to reflect, one inevitably comes across the topic of death. The void left by the dead is disturbing. And you want to cover up that distress. This is how and why I feel the need to represent and compensate emptiness. To become aware of misunderstood and stuck states. With a painted image – to cover the empty spaces. In the third year of the bachelor’s studies (spring 2020), I participated in the group exhibition “Krateris” (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kreatorium) of my course. In the 4th year (autumn 2020), I participated in the joint group exhibition of painting students “By One” (Vilnius Academy of Arts, “Painting Corridor”). In 2022 April 5 I opened my first personal exhibition “Here and Now” in “Beatrice’s House”. I entered the top 20 works of the “Zabolis Art Prize 2022” competition with the painting “After the lights goes out”. Also participated in “Zabolis Art Prize 2023” top 20 with my work “Paralysing thoughts”. I participated in the project “Art without a roof” in Vilnius with my work “Vital anomaly”.


The not seeing One by Valentina Arlauskaite
The not seeing One  
50 x 40 cm
Paralyzing Thoughts by Valentina Arlauskaite
Paralyzing Thoughts  
70 x 40 cm
Vital Anomaly by Valentina Arlauskaite
Vital Anomaly  
35 x 50 cm

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