NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Paralyzing Thoughts, 2023

70 x 40 cm

oil on canvas

Freedom is often forgotten. In it feels so comfortable that it is accepted as universally given. But those who live in more difficult conditions, see it as a privilege. When expression, possibilities or even movement are limited – only then the value of freedom is understood. Only when you lose something you can understand how it affected you in life. Therefore, freedom often is appreciated only when you lose it or have it restricted. In my painting “Paralyzing Thoughts” I depict a bird imprisoned in a tight and closed space, with its beak leaning on the glass. Its confused glance can’t see anything – fear covered the whole body. Deprivation of freedom is maddening. So freedom’s price in my opinion is common sense. Artwork participated in Zabolis art prize 2023 and MA graduating project “Obscura”, 2023.

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