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Sirkku Rosi

Sirkku Rosi

Artist's country of origin: Finland

Sirkku Rosi (b. 1987, Tampere) is now finishing her MFA studies from Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto university in 2015 and has done studies in dance pedagogy in 2018. She works mainly with aquarelles and performance art. Rosi works with watercolors based on bodily experience. She is challenging the limits of watercolors by using large scale and fabrics and plaster among different kind of papers. Often her paintings are broadening outside of canvases and papers in form of installations, hair- , plaster- or beeswaxsculptures. Fragility of her materials are intertwined with the themes of the works.

Rosi is interested in the shared state of being between everything cellular; porous skin as a leaking border between one’s body and the environment and circulation of waters through our bodies and through universe. Her works are about coexistence, sensuality in all bodies and shared cellular breathing. In Rosi´s works, plants and humans are laying around, decomposing and sprouting. Works have a diminutive carnival of the flesh.

Rosi has had several exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has her works included in the Finnish State Art Collection, Tampere Art Museum collection and Basware foundation among private collections. Currently her wall-size aquarelle with few other works is on view in XXVII Mänttä Art Festival. Rosi´s latest solo shows were 2022 in Finlands institutet Galleri, Stockholm (aquarelles, hair sculptures) and at Gallery Huuto in Helsinki and Gallery Saskia in Tampere. Her works have been part of several group exhibitions in Denmark with Galleri KANT. Rosi has been working in several residencies abroad and she enjoys the possibilities of international co-working. She has been member of feministic performance group Nussivat Pääskyset since 2009, and has been performing in several festivals with them.


World is born from beautiful armpit by Sirkku Rosi
World is born from beautiful armpit  
160 x 200 cm
Wise direction or abandoned plan by Sirkku Rosi
Wise direction or abandoned plan  
140 x 110 cm
Something holy and glowing by Sirkku Rosi
Something holy and glowing  
140 x 105 cm

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