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Mihkel Maripuu

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Mihkel Maripuu is an artist whose practice is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. Manipulating with sound and image, thought and material, carrying spiritual values into the mundane. His research-related topics have been the nature of post-Internet in contemporary art, neo-materialism and other subcultural manifestations, and the peculiarities of the digital age that have influenced the development of modern visual language. The artist experiments with the variational differences between synthetic and natural peculiarities and also with the overlapping principles of their potential common areas.

Mihkel Maripuu has studied at Tartu University’s Department of Philosophy, Painting Department (BA, 2010) and graduated from Estonian Academy of Art’s Painting Department (MA, 2014). His artworks have been exhibited at several group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Estonia as well elsewhere in Europe.


180 x 180 cm
To See the Way. To Know the Truth  
210 x 170 cm
I Wish I Could Tell You  
210 x 170 cm
180 x 150 cm
150 x 180 cm
170 x 180 cm
180 x 170 cm
180 x 180 cm


#anonymous(im)possibilitiesintheivorytower #xoxo  
400 x 400 cm
Liquefied Presence (of the Ubiquitous Content)  
400 x 400 cm

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