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Paulius Šliaupa Emerging artist

Paulius Šliaupa

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

Paulius Šliaupa (b. 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) holds a BA in painting and an MFA in contemporary sculpture from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania, an MFA in media arts in KASK, HISK postgraduate residency programme in Ghent, Belgium. He completed two MFA exchange study programmes at Konsthögskolan i Malmö (2020) and RUFA, Rome, Italy (2017-2018). He was awarded the grand prize of ArtContest22, Brussels, Belgium, and the grand prize of INPUT/OUTPUT 2023 Brugge, Belgium. Paulius is a member of SOFAM in Belgium and received their research grant in 2022. Selected exhibitions would include personal exhibitions: “Night watch“ (2022), HuidenClub, Rotterdam, Netherlands, “Moonpieces” (2022) Maanstraat, Antwerp, Belgium, “Neon Poems“ (2021) Casinot XXH, Malmo, Sweden; “Dès Vu“ (2019), Meno Niša, Vilnius, Lithuania; the group exhibitions KIN, Vienna, Viena, Austria (2022), ‘Earth Drama‘ Meno Niša, Vilnius, Lithuania (2022), ‘M-idzomer‘, M Leuven, Belgium (2022), ‘Klimaatfestival Antwerpen‘Antwerp, Belgium (2022), Sonsbeek´s Conjunctions programme, Arnhem, Netherlands (2021), LAHTI FRINGE FESTIVAL, Lahti, Finland (2021), “New Songs for Old Cities“ (2021), Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium, “BEESTIG?“ Stadsfestival Damme, Damme, Belgium (2020-2021) and “The upper hand“, IKOB, Eupen, Belgium (2020).


Rain by Paulius Šliaupa
141.5 x 70.5 cm
Noon by Paulius Šliaupa
26 x 21 cm
Dès Vu by Paulius Šliaupa
Dès Vu  
1000 x 1000 cm


The monk by Paulius Šliaupa
The monk  
100 x 100 cm
Patterns of perfection by Paulius Šliaupa
Patterns of perfection  
100 x 100 cm
Senelis by Paulius Šliaupa
100 x 100 cm
Entre nous by Paulius Šliaupa
Entre nous  
100 x 100 cm
Toshka by Paulius Šliaupa
100 x 100 cm

Mixed media

A boat journey by Paulius Šliaupa
A boat journey  
16 x 11 cm

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