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Margarita Božkaitė Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

Margarita Božkaitė (born 1986) graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) in 2016 with a Masters Degree in Painting. The artist introduces herself as follows: “For my paintings I use photographs, that I found at my home. The photographs were a part of my grandfathers work. They are photographs from the time of the soviet union and they were for newspaper reports. My process of painting is different in it’s nature from the photographs that I paint. The images in them are formal, official – it is not personal photography. The fact that those photos belong to history and to the family experience at the same time prompted me to study that time period, as well as the nature of the photographed image – through painting.“


Scene by Margarita Božkaitė
90 x 120 cm
Theater by Margarita Božkaitė
40 x 40 cm
Window 1 by Margarita Božkaitė
Window 1  
120 x 90 cm

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