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Ansis Rozentāls Emerging artist

Ansis Rozentāls (born 1989) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2016 with a Bachelor´s Degree in Painting. He has previously studied at Janis Rosenthals Riga Art School (graduated 2009) and participates in exhibitions in the Baltic States since 2009. Rozentāls´ s works are in the collections of Latvia, Russia, Turkey, America, as well as in the Embassy of Latvia in Cairo. Rozentāls won the 1st prize of the ˈPaint the Bladeˈ competition in 2013.
Most of the artist´s works are based on his own experience and surroundings, they are reflecting what he sees and loves. Transforming his surroundings in his individual painting, he aims to open new, wild point of view for the viewer, leaving room for interpretation.


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