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Gita Sprince Emerging artist

Gita Sprince

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

In Art Academy of Latvia, Faculty of Visual Arts painting department I was studying painting, drawing and composition, as for additional programs, I studied formation, tectonic, illustration, computer graphics, printmaking, and photography.   My biggest achievement has been developing my own visual language despite the pressure and misunderstanding of people around me about my work.   Personal exhibition “Sublimation of sensation” in Art gallery LOOK was my most important exhibition for me as it was first exhibition with my large, monumental abstract work series in gallery settings. And of course, the “The fifth Art Academy Diploma Candidate exhibition” where I have developed further my technique and have exhibited eleven multi-layered paintings from series “Primordial chaos”. I work interdisciplinary, looking from painters’ point of view on printmaking, photography and combining them in my works. I have tried out different painting techniques and styles, to finally find my own. My love for texture and rhythms, as you can see in my portfolio, comes from my second passion – knitting and crocheting garments. All influences are intertwined in my work, taken from each field qualities that I love the best. Over the years I have developed my own unique author technique where I have united printmaking with painting techniques in multi-layer works with unique texture and rhythm compositions.  In my work I’m exploring the nuances of mind pollution, examining how external factors such as social media, consumerism, and information overload can influence our thoughts, emotions, and overall mental well-being. My paintings delve into the complexities of this issue, capturing the simultaneous feelings of chaos and confinement that arise from being inundated by a constant barrage of stimuli. The processes of the mind are as complex as art, even more complex, and I draw parallels between the mind, how our cognitive processes work and how mental shortcuts are formed. The more I study these questions, the more I understand that it is super applicable to art and what I do. As there are huge parallels in both processes. I layer layers and their meanings in my works, just as information is layering into our minds. By placing a layer over the layer, I hide the meaning of the previous layers. This set of layers materializes in the form of saturated, chaotic, tense, cosmic/abstract landscapes, and distorted images. Just like assumptions created by false information that pollutes the mind and provokes to primal drives.


M.L.91 by Gita Sprince
140 x 140 cm
M.L.39 by Gita Sprince
100 x 120 cm
M.L.11 by Gita Sprince
60 x 60 cm
Here you were, now you're not by Gita Sprince
Here you were, now you're not  
215 x 95 cm
The gray day by Gita Sprince
The gray day  
215 x 95 cm
Winter by Gita Sprince
215 x 95 cm
In Hell by Gita Sprince
In Hell  
215 x 95 cm
Deep River by Gita Sprince
Deep River  
215 x 95 cm
Summer by Gita Sprince
215 x 95 cm

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