NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

18:25, 2022

100 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas, glass, klaas, stained glass, plywood, size is approximate.

This presented artistic piece is a fragile, holistic work that tries to encapsulate the human path of life on the edge towards awakening to a new life. This work “18:25” is a collection of memories that, through the human body and the human hand, search for the restored vitality of moments lost. “18:25” plays with the paradox of being human as a fusion of memory, fantasies and desires. This holistic art-piece interweaves paint on canvas, glass as stained glass and wood as a robust form – giving the final touch to the collection through haikus on canvas and glass. The ultimate aspiration of this complete work is to offer recognition, confusion and love to the experiencer. Because as human beings we live in confined stages of our own lives, “18:25” is a personal fusion of experience that cannot be put into words – it can only be recreated in the hope that what has been is real and what is to come is..

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