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Eetu Vekki Emerging artist

Eetu Vekki

Artist's country of origin: Finland

Eetu Vekki (formerly Palomäki) is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist, whose creative practice spans across visual arts, performing arts, sound, and music. In his practice, Vekki explores the intricate relationships between auditory, visual, and spatial materials, seamlessly blending visceral and conceptual elements to create art both meditative and thought-provoking. His works often center around natural phenomena and explore the connections between humans and non-human nature. Through his art, Vekki seeks to offer new perspectives on the beauty and fragility of the world around us, inviting viewers to reflect on their own perceptions and relationship with their environment. The artworks play with immersion and time, revealing their subtle details and registers through attentive being. Vekki’s recent artistic practice has been primarily focused on sound and visual arts, though he has also established himself as a skilled collaborator in theater, dance, and performance. As an electronic musician, pianist, and composer, he has performed extensively in Finland, Italy, Japan, Estonia, and Russia, both as a solo artist and in groups. Vekki is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki, where he continues to hone his skills. He has also studied as an Erasmus student at the Iceland University of Arts in 2020, and previously trained as a pianist at both the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Metropolia University in Helsinki.


Arborescent by Eetu Vekki
1 x 1 cm

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