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Eero Alev

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Eero Alev is currently studying contemporary art in Estonian Academy of Arts masters program. Before that he received a bachelor degree of painting in the same academy. With a strong foundation in traditional portrayal techniques, his style uses a realistic motif and material that is twisted into an artist-specific key. Particular attention is given to capturing the mood. Tonality and light has an important place in his work. Main motifs are rooms and people. Sometimes an emphasized lackness of the latter. In recent years, Eero Alev has participated in several exhibitions, the most important of which were appearances at the Haapsalu City Gallery (“Common Dimension”, 2019), Estonian Art Museum (“Open collections. The artist gets the floor”, 2019) and EKA Gallery (“Pretence”, 2020).


Teisel pool kivi I by Eero Alev
Teisel pool kivi I  
150 x 105 cm
Teisel pool kivi II by Eero Alev
Teisel pool kivi II  
150 x 105 cm
Teisel pool kivi IV by Eero Alev
Teisel pool kivi IV  
48 x 48 cm

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