NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Teisel pool kivi IV, 2020

By Eero Alev
48 x 48 cm

On the other side of the rock There are times when you feel that you know something, but have no words for it. Sometimes the answer is almost on the tip of your tongue, but is shadowed by something. When waking up from a dream, I remember clearly the feeling, but the memories of the dream are slipping away. A large boulder is everlasting compared to one’s lifespan. It is unchangeable. It can be like a reference point by which you calibrate yourself. It can awaken your memories, give you new direction or at least hold you on the right track. Gazing at a rock that has seen not only your childhood and youth, but hundreds of generations and thousands of years can make for an odd feeling of time stopping. When meeting eternity, you can change with it and into it. Lives we have been living will be compressed into feelings, and all the questions without answers will be hiding themselves just here – on the other side of the rock.

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