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Annamaari Hyttinen Emerging artist

Annamaari Hyttinen

Artist's country of origin: Finland

I’m a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. Currently I’m studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December 2022 and start my master’s degree in January 2023. I have also studied painting at the Free Art School in 2018–2020. I have held four solo exhibitions and participated in several joint and group exhibitions. My latest solo exhibition It’s in my nature was held in March 2022 at Galleria Rajatila in Tampere. I have also held a solo exhibition in 2020 at Galleria Uusi Kipinä in Lahti. My painting ‘Swamp’ is part of the collection of Kainuu Museum. The painting was made for the museum in the summer of 2020. I paint mainly with oil paints. As I paint, the choices I make may be influenced by a minute detail that seems totally inconsequential, but which nevertheless attracts my attention. It is interesting to experiment and to see how delicately a feeling, a situation, or a thought can be conveyed through painting. The more subtly I can accomplish this, the more exciting it feels.


Wild Life by Annamaari Hyttinen
Wild Life  
100 x 80 cm
Bowl of milk by Annamaari Hyttinen
Bowl of milk  
47 x 38 cm
Watcher by Annamaari Hyttinen
6 x 7 cm

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