NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Agnese Broka Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Agnese Broka is Riga based artist, who was born in Latvia. She has graduated Painting department in Art academy of Latvia, and plans to continue her studies in masters of Painting. Agnese is figurative painter, who works with oil colors and is interested in fragility of human mind and beauty of human form. She fuses realism with metaphysical painting, in result creating mystical and unusual atmosphere. Her chosen subjects are mostly young woman, who seems deeply conflicted with themselves. Agnese finds inspiration from her own inner conflicts and life experiences as a young woman, who struggles with self image and close relationships. As greatest accomplishment of Agnese has been getting a Rotary Arts Associations Scholarship in Sweden and making her first solo painting exhibition, that took place in Saab Art Gallery, that is in Linkoping. Agnese has also taken part in group exhibitions in Latvia.


What the mermaid gave to me  
140 x 150 cm
What is real?  
135 x 120 cm