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Photo reportage from ARSENĀLS exhibition "Academia", a centenary exhibition of the Art Academy of Latvia.

For years the exhibition rooms in the Baltics have been filled with conceptual art that is more about void and aesthetical questions than visual fulfillment. Past two exhibition the Art Academy of Latvia have been truly sensational, not just by filling the exhibition rooms with crowds that galleries and museums have never seen before, but also by standing out with totally different approach to exhibitions as such.

Gardens of Art

The exhibition unites more than 50 students and recent graduates showcasing different projects, forming one entity inspired by the idea of gardens by The Platonic Academy in ancient Greece. The whole architecture of the garden emphasizes interrelationship between creative space and the creation of art objects.

One of the most popular art pieces takes the spectator to virtual reality garden which brings the whole idea together beautifully. When putting the glasses on you can forget you are surrounded by hundreds of visitors seeing the virtual garden inspired by architecture and the art pieces of the exhibition.

The garden atmosphere on the second floor will serve as a location for seminars and open talks for visitors on Saturdays and Sundays. The audience also has the possibility to take part in academyic lectures and classes on the spot.

Exhibition view: virtual gardens inspired by exhibition design and artworks

Free and creative process of thought

The novelty of this exhibition is in the process, but the outcome of the art object is also important part of the process. The former and current students, academic and professional staff are sharing their personal photo archives documenting the life of Art Academy and showing the process of art.

The exhibition is presenting a continuously changing display where the works on view will be enhanced and developed on site during the exhibition period. The audience are able to see and take part in the process followinf the concept “Not a day without a line!”

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Photos by Jaanus Hannes