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Reinis Gailitis

Reinis Gailitis

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Reinis Gailītis a printmaker specializing in the hand engraved printmaking techniques – copper engraving (16th, 17th century) and wood engraving (18th, 19th century). These are some of the most laborious and technically difficult of the printing techniques do to which they are almost extinct in this day and age. But he believes that they still serve a purpose. Even though machine engraving has gone great lengths with development of better and finer CNC machines, but they still have not rivaled the quality of a hand engraved line. It can be explained by the method of engraving. If CNC is using rotary tools, small drills which leave even flat, round line, then hand engraving utilizes burin (a fine engraving chisel) which lifts a chip (bur) from the metal plate resulting in sharp, crisp and dynamic line. Such line far surpasses any other in its quality may it be machine engraved, etched, screen or digitally printed. Story of printmaking techniques is a story of technological innovation in printing. Faster, cheaper printing processes surpassed one another. But today and especially in visual arts, we judge a work not of the speed, but by the quality. That’s also the case with copper and wood engraving. Despite their differences, they share something in common, their visual language, character of the hand engraved line, which is positive (black) in copper engraving, but negative (white) in wood engraving. Because of this reason he has spent more than a year in attempts of combining two of these never before combined techniques.


Vortex - Reinis Gailitis
40 x 29 cm
Face of ... - Reinis Gailitis
Face of ...  
25 x 18 cm
Monoliths (Starships) - Reinis Gailitis
Monoliths (Starships)  
10.5 x 21 cm
Sunflower - Reinis Gailitis
14 x 21 cm
Work in Progress, Copperplate Engraving, 2022 - Reinis Gailitis
Work in Progress, Copperplate Engraving, 2022  
21 x 10.5 cm
Work in Dark, Copperplate Engraving, Chine-Collé, Linocut, 2023 - Reinis Gailitis
Work in Dark, Copperplate Engraving, Chine-Collé, Linocut, 2023  
10.5 x 21 cm
Martian, Copperplate Engraving, 2023 - Reinis Gailitis
Martian, Copperplate Engraving, 2023  
25 x 17 cm
End, wood engraving, 2024 - Reinis Gailitis
End, wood engraving, 2024  
11 x 9 cm
Sun, Copper Engraving, Mezzotint, Drypoint, 2024 - Reinis Gailitis
Sun, Copper Engraving, Mezzotint, Drypoint, 2024  
20 x 50 cm
Starship - Reinis Gailitis
25 x 12.5 cm
Sea Dragon - Reinis Gailitis
Sea Dragon  
12.5 x 16.5 cm
Earth - Reinis Gailitis
33 x 25 cm
Visor - Reinis Gailitis
8 x 8 cm
Bust - Reinis Gailitis
15 x 15 cm
Launch - Reinis Gailitis
14 x 25 cm
Vanitas - Reinis Gailitis
25 x 25 cm

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