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Monta Kurzemniece

Monta Kurzemniece (b.1995) comes from the coastal town of Pavilosta, Latvia. She studied sculpture at the Art Academy of Latvia and is currently working on a large scale equestrian sculpture and assisting on architectural decor commissions for the family business. Monta is passionate about plein air painting. The Grey Dune of Pavilosta nature reserve is one of her favourite painting areas. She wishes to convey the solitude and tranquility of its vast untouched landscapes which speak to her deeply. On 2020 Monta participated in the ‘Close-ups’ exhibition in Liepaja museum, an annual regional artist contest. She gained a jury award and sympathy prize from Liepaja Theatre for her painting ‘Morning in the Grey Dune’. Monta is also currently renovating a brewery warehouse into an artist’s studio and Workspace.


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